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In the name of Eszakmagyar Teglaipari Ltd. let me begin by welcoming you to our home page.

The brick yard of Putnok is one of the oldest industrial factories in the area of Serényfalva. The original date of the

Serényfalva címer4

factory opening is unknown, however what we do know is the factory can be dated back as early as the year of 1900. It was said to believe that Count Béla Serényi, (whom was lord at the time in Putnok and Serényfalva) was one of the founders of the factory.

The first production of brick can be seen even in the village’s crest as a symbol of a shield which is entirely made out of brick.

For almost three years the production of the small sized brick of Putnok has been a constant achievement as this brick sets the benchmark of how new age bricks should be made.

We have been crafting unique range of hand-blended bricks for over 100 years and have a great history and tradition in brick-making, producing bricks of exceptional charm and character seldom found in modern bricks.

To keep up the with the demand of the people, new designs have been produced and now the factory can over array of many different designs of bricks such as: size 10 and 20 partition wall brick, twin cell brick, 25NF, B30, HB30NF and HB38NF

Nowadays the factory is privately ran by Északmagyar Téglaipari Ltd.

Our company is specialized in the production of traditional pressed, clamp and handmade facing bricks and pavers. As well as producing a standard range of facing bricks, our years of brick-making expertise enables us to manufacture bespoke blends, weathered bricks , non-standard and imperial sizes in a wide variety of colours and textures.

This company is entirely ran by hungarian management. Among our services we also offer delivery and transportation

Our mission statement is to continuously development new opportunities by researching new methods of production.  In time this will drive our company towards new and exciting  endeavors, which in turn will allow us as a company to design new and exciting products for you as a client to purchase.

Lajos János László